1 Week Camps

Grades 1-3, 4-5, 6-8 (as of fall 2020)

9 AM to 3 PM Monday-Friday

Before & After Care 8 AM-6:00 PM - $12 per hour or $175 weekly

Campers bring lunch, water bottle, 2 snacks


$399/ $359.10 Members

$349 subsequent camp registrations from same $50


We know kids love returning to our camps year after year, so we work hard to add new projects and activities each summer.If your child loved MineCraft Camp last summer,  please assure them there will be lots of new Minecraft projects this year. Same goes for all of our camps!​


Week 1 - June 22-26
Birmingham- Video Game Design

Week 2 - July 6-10
Birmingham- Super Heroes at the Olympics
Rochester Hills- Video Game Design

Week 3 - July 13-17
Birmingham- MineCraft
Rochester Hills- Robot Discovery

Week 4 - July 20-24
Birmingham- Robot Discovery

Week 5 - July 27-31
Rochester Hills- MineCraft

Week 6 - August 3-7
Birmingham- Video Game Design
Rochester Hills- Super Heroes at the Olympics

Week 7 - August 10-14
Birmingham- MineCraft
Rochester Hills- Robot Discovery

Week 8 - August 17-21
Birmingham- Super Heroes at the Olympics
Rochester Hills- Video Game Design

Week 9 - August 24-28
Birmingham- Robot Discovery
Rochester Hills- MineCraft


Campers work in age-appropriate groups throughout the week to complete a presentation for their families on Friday afternoon.  Daily workshops are designed to balance computer coding and physical building of mechanical projects, often robotic.  Projects are based on hands-on learning, focus on fun and "aha" moments, and align with NGSS (National Science Standards)

  • Workshop 1

  • Morning Snack

  • Workshop 2

  • Lunch

  • Workshop 3

  • Afternoon Snack

  • Workshop 4


The Robot Garage provides all materials (laptops, robotics, electronics, etc), as well as a 2020 camp t-shirt.  Because campers typically work with thousands of dollars in materials, projects do not go home from camp.  Many families purchase something special from our store on the last day of camp so kids can continue building and learning at home.


Campers bring the following:

  • 2 snacks

  • Lunch

  • Water Bottle

*Friday is Pizza Day and included for all campers

  • The Robot Garage develops our own curriculum and projects in-house and the program designers oversee staff training and camps.

  • We strive to develop camper confidence and nurture an interest in engineering and technology in the world around us.

  • Because everything we do is centered around hands-on learning, we maintain very tight staff to camper ratios - generally 1 to 6 or 8 depending on the group and age level.

  • We have 4 different camp themes for summer 2020.  Campers can register for 1 theme or all 4.  ​

Robot Discovery 

What kids want to know: Learn a lot about robots, building and how to make the things you build move. Workshops will include games, challenges, and working on robots to build a giant Rube Goldberg machine! Invite your family to a show on Friday to see the amazing things you've designed and built. Popsicles & watermelon for Friday snack.
What parents want to know: This is our most academically focused week of camp with an emphasis on STEM readiness by grade. Projects will be aligned with the next generation science standards (NGSS) which emphasizes 21st Century learning and STEM. Campers will spend the day working on honing skills to complete engineering challenges, build robots, and code. 1st-3rd graders will explore LEGO WeDo robotics, 4-8th graders will use LEGO Mindstorms, and 6-8th graders will explore Arduino. Families are invited to a presentation Friday at 2:30pm to see a showcase of the campers’ work. While The Robot Garage camps are educational, we place an equal emphasis on fun!


Roughly half of each day is spent on screens and the other half is spent building theme-related structures, robots, and engineering projects. We feel this is the best way for campers to start to understand the bridge between the virtual and the physical world.
Campers explore LEGO WeDo robotics (1st-3rd graders), Mindstorms robotics (4-8th graders), architectural design, mechanical building, programming, as well as the virtual side of programming and creating worlds within the game of Minecraft. What is unique about this camp is the emphasis on bridging the virtual world of programming with the physical world of actually building what you design! When playing in-game, students will be exploring Minecraft on a secure, private TRG server supervised by our staff.

Video Game Design 

Roughly half of each day is spent on screens and the other half is spent building video game-related structures, robots, and engineering projects.  We feel this is the best way for campers to start to understand the bridge between the virtual and the physical world.

What Kids Want To Know: Have you ever wondered how your video games work or why your video game characters can run, walk, or even fly? Well, here's your chance to find out! Work with our camp staff to design and program your very own videos games. All your questions will be answered as we explore what makes virtual worlds tick. Elsewhere, back in the physical realm, we will also be creating and programming robotic game machines out of Lego and other materials. So hit start and join our staff for a week filled with video game programming, robots, friends, and fun! Oh, and make sure to plug in a second controller and tell a friend; it's going to take a lot of video game designers to prepare for our arcade on Friday!
What Parents Want To Know: Video Game Camp offers a unique, fresh camp experience, combining video game programming with robotics. Throughout the week, campers will be challenged daily to create new video game projects using a variety of programs, coding languages, and, of course, Lego. Projects will be aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which emphasize 21st Century learning and STEM.  Our summer team is a key part of our camp program and a combination of engineers, roboticists, and college students who love to build, invent, and work with kids to nurture an interest in the world around them. 1st-3rd graders will use graphical drag-and-drop languages to develop their games: LEGO WeDo for their interactive robotic games, and Scratch (an educational software developed by MIT) to create their video games. 4-8th graders will use LEGO Mindstorms to create their interactive robotic games, and Gamemaker (a text-based programming language) to create their video games.
After creating Lego robotics-based games and virtual video games all week, your kids will bring them all together and open their very own arcade for family members on Friday at 2:30pm. Campers will also have the opportunity to access their video games at home to continue exploring and modifying their games!

Super Heroes at The Olympics (Build Camp)

Who will take the gold in the 100m dash - The Flash or Superman? What about the Hulk vs. Thor in weightlifting? Who will take on Wonder Woman in the javelin throw? Campers will work collaboratively to create a large, totally original LEGO installation inspired by the 2020 Summer Olympics - with special appearances by superhero competitors from across the Universe. Students will work with staff to integrate engineering, robotics, programming, sound and movement into the display to add to the action. Families are invited to Opening Ceremonies on Friday at 2:30pm where we will showcase the campers’ work. You won’t want to miss it! Each day of camp includes 4 workshops with a balance of architecture, design, and engineering. 1st-3rd graders will explore programming with LEGO WeDo software while 4-8th graders will explore LEGO Mindstorms.


Check out the FIRST ROBOTICS World Championship in Detroit this past spring.  The Robot Garage has worked closely with First in Michigan over the past years to help train 200+ High School rookie teams. Our 1-8 camps align with younger FIRST competitions, as well as new national science standards (NGSS) to nurture a love and understanding of robotics, and develop the mechanical and coding skills students will need to succeed in our increasingly technological world.

Our summer robotics camps are second to none. Why? A few reasons. We design new curriculum, in-house every year...none of those mail-order kits that get re-used again and again. We support all STEM areas, but we don't cover most of them. Instead we focus 24/7 on engineering, coding, and robotics. Because of this focus, we have a far more robust supply of materials (computers, Lego Technic, robots, gears, motors) than anyone out there. And most importantly, it's about the people. We interview more than 200 people each year to select a core summer staff of counselors. We recruit from some of the best engineering schools, and have about half our staff returning from the previous summer. Our very special summer team loves working with kids, loves technology, and has the skills to answer questions and nurture exploration in a personalized setting.  

Daniel Kimura, VP of The Robot Garage, oversees our camps and brings with him FIRST robotics expertise including 3 world championships, and the role of co-host on Robozone TV.  His knowledge of both electrical and mechanical engineering combine with his uncanny ability to relate to kids as he oversees the development of our camp curriculum and camp team each year.  This year's 4 camp themes were designed to offer deep dives into coding and engineering for that child who may become an engineer one day, as well as those children who will not.  We believe that every child needs to understand these fundamentals if they are to succeed in an increasingly technological world. Our camps focus on hands-on learning that engages all kids, and makes these skills fun and accessible to all.

"They were so proud of what they were able to create at the end of the week. Oh and they loved pizza on Friday!"


Summer Camps may be returned up to 10 days before the first session for a 10% administration fee. Between 9 and 1 days before the first session, a 50% refund is available. No refund is available the day of the first session. Though it is rare, The Robot Garage reserves the right to ask a camper not to return when there are repeated or severe discipline issues.  No refunds will be given in these situations.

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