Robotics & Engineering PreK - Grade 4

Young Engineers

Ages 4-5

6-week Sessions
Fall I, Fall II, Winter I, Winter II, Spring
$103.50 Members / $115 Non-Members

These classes are designed to be fun and to spark a genuine interest in engineering and robotics. 
Lego-based projects change weekly for a total of 30 projects per year.  Students may register at the start of any session or take all 5 sessions. Projects are designed age-appropriately to explore gears, motors, programming, sensors, and robots.  The goal is to have students complete a different project each week, with time to play with their creation at the end.  This builds confidence as well as skill and understanding.  Some projects may be purchased at the end of class, but due to the cost of materials they are not included.

Please fill out the online emergency form for each student prior to the start of the first class.  If your child attended any programs at The Robot Garage from June 2019 forward, there is no need to fill out another form unless there are changes.

Robot Academy Jr.

Grades K-2

Robot Academy

Grades 2-4

Robotics & Engineering Grades 4-9

6-week Sessions
Fall I, Fall II, Winter I, Winter II, Spring
$179.10 Members / $199 Non-Members 

These classes align with robotics competitions and are designed to develop an understanding of robotic fundamentals, AND use those fundamentals to problem solve by designing  and building your own robot. 
Students begin with the 6-week Mindstorms Fundamentals class which is a prerequisite for other classes.  Here, students learn the basics - how to program different sensors, work with gears and install motors.  They next progress to Mindstorms Challenges  where they work in a studio-like atmosphere to move through 30+ challenges which require them to problem solve and apply what they have learned.  This enables each student to work at his or her own pace.  Teachers in these classes have strong robotics experience, often volunteering as mentors to local robotics teams.  There is no experience required for Fundamentals, and we often get students who have spent a year on a robotics team and want to take this class to brush up on the basics.  In certain situations, students with a good deal of experience can place out of Fundamentals.



Grades 4-8



Grades 6-8



Grades 6-9

Class Policies

Missed Class Policy

Families at The Robot Garage know how seriously we value the experience of every child, every week. To maintain low staff/student ratios, properly pull class kits each week, and ensure there is friendly, well-trained staff at all times, it's almost impossible for us to let students make up missed classes.

In the case of family emergencies or illness, please submit a Class Change Request form (located to the right). We will notify you as soon as possible if we are able to find a seat in an alternate class during the same week (project kits are pulled for a Sunday-Saturday week, then disassembled). There will be a $10 administration fee for any classes that can be rescheduled.

We do want to assure families that because different projects are started and completed each week with the 1 hour classes, students who have to miss an occasional class, will have no trouble jumping right in when they return. Two-hour classes are different, however.  In Fundamentals and Tetrix, we highly recommend students schedule the class during a session when they feel confident they can attend all classes.  With Challenge, students work at their own pace and there may be more options to make up a class.

Additional Policies

  1. Classes begin promptly so please be on time for your child's sake.

  2. We reserve the right to withdraw students from programs with no refund in the case of ongoing discipline issues that are disruptive to other students.

  3. Classes can be refunded with a 10% processing fee up to 10 days before the first class, with a 50% processing fee between 9 and 1 days prior to first class, and are not refundable after first class.

  4. There will be a $1 per minute charge for students picked up later than 10 minutes after the scheduled end of their class.

Class Make-Up Request Form
​($10 charge for accepted requests)

The Robot Garage is wonderful! My 7 year old now has a vast knowledge of gears and an interest in computer programing all from taking a class. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely interested in teaching not just the "how," but also the "why” 

Mary Weaver
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