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About The Robot Garage

Our vision is to create an “aha” moment every day, for every student

We are here to help kids develop a toolbox for the 21st Century. Our programs are designed to provide fun opportunities to learn basic engineering skills. Through these experiences, we encourage the development of soft skills; problem-solving, confidence building, teamwork, and communication. We recognize that everyone has different interests, and while we are here for future engineers, we also understand how important these skills are to thrive in any field. Join us in empowering the next generation to collectively improve the world in which we live. 

Our Mission

The Robot Garage hopes to inspire the innovators of tomorrow with high-quality, fun, hands-on engineering and robotics programs today.

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Our Core Values


People Focus (Empathy/Respect/Diversity) 

Care for others, customers, and co-workers alike, and make everyone feel like they belong.


Working as a team and sacrificing to get the job done

We share both our successes and our mistakes. “Not my job” attitudes don’t fit in at The Robot Garage; instead we recognize and value those willing to jump in to help when needed.  No one is too important to pick up trash off the ground.


“Embrace the adventure” 

Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow. Own and learn from mistakes. Bring joy and optimism to work and help others do the same.  We are all teachers AND students here.


Excellence through Effort - Setting bars high

Excellence is the result of hard work, talent, and the drive to push past “good enough.”  And though we will never have a perfect event, product, or customer interaction it won’t be due to a lack of effort.  Attention to detail plays a big role in this effort.





We are interested in how the world around us works and look to it for inspiration and ideas.  Thinking about why things are done is important and can lead to improvement and innovation. This often means “asking good questions at the right time to the right people.”


Our voice is friendly, polite, witty, clever, intelligent, insightful, humorous and often quirky. 

Love technology and love to share that with others

Members of The Robot Garage team love to tinker, create, play and/or learn about technology and can’t help sharing those things with other people.

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