Is this a franchise?

We’re asked that a lot, but we’re really a family-run business that began in 2011 in Birmingham, Michigan. We opened our 2nd location in Rochester Hills in 2014.

Do I have to be a member?

Nope. Our $99 annual family membership has great benefits, including free drop-ins, store discounts, and class discounts, but it’s totally optional.

Where are the robots?

Robots can be purchased in the store or played with in the drop-in room, but the real learning (programming, designing, building) takes place in classes, camps, field trips and birthday parties. In these more structured settings we can work with kids in fun, age appropriate ways (PK-12) to develop confidence and a strong engineering foundation.

What ages are appropriate for drop-ins?

The drop-in room has pre-school stations with Duplo Trains and PlusPlus, as well as stations for older builders including LEGO and LaQ. The Robotics game is designed for all ages. Because this space serves all ages, there are choking hazards and child safety is the responsibility of caregivers. We work on the honor system so just pay for those who participate at the end.

How do we work with robotics teams?

Rather than having our own teams, we work in many ways to support the students and mentors on both seasoned and rookie teams. Our curriculum aligns with FIRST Robotics (FLL Jr., FLL, FTC ) and RoboFest, and we partner with FIRST in Michigan to run boot camps for FRC rookie teams as well as SUnday Night Studios for FLL and FTC. Check out the “private events section of this book for more information on team clinics.

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Birmingham:      (248) 723-9100

Rochester Hills:  (248) 213-9960


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