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Meet Our Team

One of the first engineers we ever hired had a saying, "robots are about people" and that has become core to our culture at The Robot Garage. Our team is made up of those who love working with people as much as they love working with technology. We happen to have great STEM programs and expertise in our area, but we are a customer service company first. We love what we do!



Sarah focuses on business development and everything having to do with people.


Barbie Wilson

Director of Community Engagement

Former member of the Detroit Zoo, Barbie now cares for robots as well as animals.


Director of Education Development

Lena oversees teachers, training, and everything that goes into creating great experiences for kids.



Jonathan is a lifelong tinkerer, AFOL, and engineer who oversees operations and finance.

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 3.45.08 PM.png

Daniel Kimura

Vice President

Dan is our robotics expert and oversees everything educational from project design to the classroom.


Program Instructor and Social Media Manager

Ellyn teaches classes, camps, fields trips, and more as well as oversees all graphic & social media marketing.

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