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Our Classes

We Offer Various Learning Styles


Online Classes with Materials Delivered at Home


Learn at your own pace. Subscribe and receive 3 LEGO® engineering projects along with hours of video tutorials from our experts. Subscribe now to Robot Academy, Jr. (Grades 1-2).


Virtual Live Classes

Learn at home with our live Zoom classes or at your own pace with monthly on demand video lessons. Subscribe and receive three projects a month! Scratch Game Design classes available now.


In-Person Classes

Live in the greater Detroit area? Register for three in-person classes monthly and take home your LEGO® Technic to keep at the end! Classes maintain a 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio.

Classes resume in September 2021


What is LEGO® Robotics?

In 1998 our favorite toymaker decided to take LEGO® to the next level by introducing engineering and robotics to kids. Since that time, they've become experts in this field with an array of well-tested, age-appropriate products that The Robot Garage has used in classrooms since 2011. Our kids wanted to build every week and quickly outgrew LEGO®'s curriculum, so we designed our own projects and created a multi-year curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade. We are now one of the only LEGO® Robotics experiences available for subscription in the world. Our curriculum aligns with the NGSS (National Science Standards) and aims to create an "aha" moment at the end of each class.

(Grades 3-4)

(Grades 4-8)

Why Game Design Classes?

What parent doesn't hear themselves telling kids they are spending too much time on their screens? Here at The Robot Garage, we try to meet kids in a place where they are already engaged. We've also found that by tapping into kids' love of video games, we can teach quite a bit of coding in fun and creative ways. We've been teaching MIT's Scratch game design for years. It's a great way for elementary school students to learn high-level coding concepts in an age-appropriate way. If they get the concepts down when they're young, learning more complex languages will be much easier when they're older.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our teacher Colin was fantastic. So patient and understanding. He clearly wanted the kids to not only learn but to also have fun. The definition of a fantastic teacher."