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Young Engineers

(Ages 4-5)

Lego Robotics Classes Delivered to Your Door!

Our Young Engineers program is designed to create an “aha” moment for every preschooler with every project. We use LEGO® Technic, gears, motors, and battery packs in age-appropriate projects and lead young learners, step-by-step, through 3 new mechanical builds each month. We focus on fun and confidence-building while developing fine motor skills, an engineering vocabulary, and a hands-on knowledge of how things work.  

Virtual LEGO Robotics Classes
$79/mo + One-time $19 electronic materials fee

A box will arrive at your door every month with all the LEGO® Technic parts to build three new projects and hours of video tutorials from our amazing instructors.

$79 Monthly Tuition

$69/mo 3-Month Bundle


In the Metro-Detroit Area?
$85/Monthly In-Person Classes

Available to students in South East Michigan, these hour-long classes allow your student to learn in person in small groups. 

  • 3 monthly classes & 3 LEGO projects

  • Use our custom-designed LEGO kit

  • Small classes limited to 10 students

  • Masks required for in-person classes

In-Person Class Registration


Mondays 4:30 PM

Wednesdays 4:30 PM

Thursdays 4:30 PM

Rochester Hills

Mondays 4:30 PM

Saturdays 10:15 AM

Saturdays 11:30 AM

Sundays 10:30 AM

What Parents Are Saying

"Wolfgang loves his Thursday class of young engineers! When asked about how he likes his school he always starts with “I love Robot Garage School!” He asks often “can I just go to Young engineer school every day?”

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Frequently asked questions

Can parents participate?

Our guided video classes for use at home are designed to provide about 3 hours a month of parent/child (or often grandparent/child) enrichment and exploration and we highly recommend adult participation. In-person classes can be attended by adults but we discourage it. Our classes are limited to 7 students and our Young Engineers teachers are experts at what they do. They recognize that students mature differently at this age and in addition to a top tier goal that each student completes each project successfully, they are working behind the scenes to build confidence and independence which can be more challenging with parents helping. We do encourage parents to join the class each week at the end to see what their children have built, Covid-Safety permitting.

Do children need to register for the whole year?

Children can join at the start of any month and are billed monthly. Payments can be paused or stopped at any time with 2 weeks notice. Please email us at if you’d like to stop your next payment. That said, as long as children are engaged and having fun, they are learning. We see incredible changes at this age in fine motor skills, confidence, and independence, not to mention a pretty amazing grasp of engineering concepts.

What is the difference between mailed subscription kits/ classes and the in-person classes?

Guided Video class subscriptions are designed to reach children anywhere in the world, and include the same monthly projects as the in-person classes. In-person classes automatically include the monthly subscription program (video access, 3-in-1 kit, etc) but the students keep their new monthly LEGO kit at The Robot Garage to use in class each week, and then take it home at the end of each month. They may only need to use the videos if they miss a class, or they may want to rebuild class projects at home. In-person classes cost more to cover instructors’ costs and overhead. In both cases, students have access to the same great teachers, same great projects, and everything they need to start building a LEGO Technic library at home for future exploration and creativity. In-person classes cost more to cover our instructors’ costs.

How do I access the video classes?

Once you receive your first kit, you will simply log into the video portal on our website and will automatically receive access to your videos each month.

What's included with the $19 electronic materials fee?

-1 Motor -1 Battery Pack -1 Brick Separator -1 Minifigure -1 16 stud x 16 stud plate