June 7th, 2020 - A message from Sarah & Jonathan

Like so many others, we have spent the last week, as a family and as a company, soul searching with regards to the devastation of racial injustice and inequity in our country.  We believe deeply in mutual respect and equality but also realize we now find ourselves at the start of a steep learning curve and we can and must do better. 

We are actively looking for tools to help us identify our own biases, and pushing through previously closed doors to learn how to talk about race. We are looking through a new lens at our own hiring, training, and community outreach processes. We have many ideas coupled with a heart-felt desire to tackle these problems head-on, but what we have learned over the past week is that first we must listen.  We are not so much interested in a short-term gesture to say we did our part, as we are interested in working with our community to develop sustainable cultural changes.

We encourage everyone to contribute to this conversation by commenting on social media or sending a private message through our website.  


The Discovery Family of Networks had a succinct message this week that seemed to encapsulate all that we are feeling.


"We will always stand for mutual respect, equality, and acceptance. Our hope is for justice and peace for all. #blackLivesMatter"


Please share your thoughts on racial equality. What have you experienced?  What resources would you 

recommend?  How can The Robot Garage better serve our community.

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