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Ev3 Robotic Arm

5 - 8

1.5 - 2 Hours


Groups of 2

Ev3 Robotic Arm
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Ev3 Robotic Arm

Students will build a 3-axis robotic arm using LEGO Technic®, EV3 Mindstorms® electronics, and program using Lego’s EV3 Classroom software. The EV3 brick acts as a remote control to make the robotic arms perform 6 different functions: rotate left or right, grab and release, and tilt up or down. Students will be challenged to fine-tune their programs to complete the task of picking up an object then dropping it into a cup in a new location using only their robot.


Students may split up into 2 groups to build one of two parts of the robot: the gripper section and the base section. Once their respective builds are complete, pairs of students will come together to combine their builds into a full robot as well as work together to program. Our instructors will guide students through a series of mini-lessons throughout the experience regarding technical subjects such as gear ratios and design, as well as encouraging students to think through the steps to program their robot to function properly.

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