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Lena Briggs

After graduating with a BSN from the University of Michigan, Lena needed a summer job while studying for her RN licensure exam. Recalling time spent on her high school robotics team, she asked her former mentor Daniel Kimura if he needed any assistance during summer camps at The Robot Garage. What was meant to be just a summer job turned into a passion.


Though Lena did leave after that summer to work as a nurse, she couldn’t forget the joy of seeing kids come to life when they realized they had just built a robot. A year later she rejoined the TRG team to embrace her love for nurturing young minds while reviving a childhood love of LEGO. She is in awe of students’ creativity & curiosity every day. While she may no longer be practicing nursing, she has been known to use her skills to cure pinched fingers and upset tummies from time to time.

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