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Annie Fleming

Annie grew up on a farm in rural Indiana pretty unaware of the world of robotics. She received her BA in Telecommunications at Indiana University and worked in non-profit management and advertising before leaving that world to pursue a career in education. While working towards her MEd at DePaul University she focused on urban education and the development of the whole child in relation to their community.


During her time in the classroom, she was a fierce advocate for STEM education at every level and was dismayed at the disparity in funding, putting it out of reach for many schools and students. After moving to the Metro Detroit area almost five years ago, she visited The Robot Garage by chance on a rainy afternoon with her children and left with a business card that changed her career path once again. She lives for high fives, exclamation points, and that wide-eyed moment when a student sees their robot move for the first time and says “I did that!”

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