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Barking Dog

K - 3

1 Hour


Groups of 2

Barking Dog
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Barking Dog

How do you teach a dog to “speak”? Build and program it, of course! Students will build a motorized robotic dog using LEGO Technic® and program it to “Bark!” after receiving a pat on the head. 


Students will start by building their dogs using LEGO Technic® and explore how gears and belts are used to transfer motion from the motor to the dog’s head. They will then transition to programming their dog using LEGO WeDo® software.  WeDo® is a graphical drag-and-drop programming language which offers a simple, age-appropriate introduction to the fundamentals of coding. Our instructors will guide students through the process of choosing programming blocks that make their robots function correctly, as well as introduce the use of an infrared sensor which helps the dogs detect when they receive a pat. Students will then have an opportunity to interact with their dogs as well as experiment with their code.

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