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Free Throw Shooter

2 - 4

1 Hour


Groups of 2

Free Throw Shooter
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Free Throw Shooter

Students will cheer as they shoot hoops with this robot – no athleticism required!  Using LEGO Technic® and WeDo® software, students will build then experiment with gear ratios and programming to make their robotic free throw shooters score a basket.


WeDo® is a graphical drag-and-drop programming language which provides a simple, age-appropriate introduction to the fundamentals of coding. Students will have the opportunity to program their free throw shooters using an infrared sensor to trigger the robot’s throwing arm. Our instructors will then guide students through trouble-shooting their robots when at first things don’t quite seem to work. All it takes is learning about changing up the gear ratios to find the perfect speed that makes the shot – every time.

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