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Hungry Dinosaur

Pre-K - 2

1 Hour


Groups of 2

Hungry Dino
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Hungry Dinosaur

This project is DINO-mite! Students will build a robotic dinosaur using LEGO Technic®. Once built, students will make their very hungry dinosaurs “come to life” by programming them to “eat.” Our experienced instructors will engage students with mini-lessons relevant to mechanical aspects of the build as well as prompt students to use critical thinking skills necessary for programming.


During the build, students will learn how belts are used to transfer energy from the motor to the hinge in the dinosaur’s neck. They will also be introduced to the use of an infrared sensor which can determine if an object is in front of it. Students will then move on to programming with LEGO's WeDo® software. WeDo® is a graphical drag-and-drop programming language which offers a simple, age-appropriate introduction to the fundamentals of coding.

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