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Robotic Sumo Battle

4 - 10

1.5 - 2 Hours

Iterative Design

Groups of 3-4

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Robotic Sumo Battle

3…2…1…Battle! Starting with a simple, remote controlle, moving chassis, students design and build modifications to prepare the robot for a sumo battle. Students will be on a team of 3 – 4 and will have to work together to get all the modifications done in time.  After an initial test battle where teams can find out their strengths and weaknesses, they have time to go back and iterate the design to get it ready for the tournament.

Our instructors will discuss the rules of robotic sumo, and why friction, inertia and momentum might be critical to a winning design. After that teams will use LEGO Technic® pieces, and an additional motor to turn their designs into reality. Teams will compete in double elimination tournament giving each group plenty of chances to battle with their robots and, if there’s time, we end it all with a giant free for all battle.

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