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Classes Young Engineers / Young Engineers 2: Vibrating Walker

Buzz buzz - this robot walks using the power of vibration! Learn how we can use a motor and gears to build a travelling robot. Stick around until the end of the video to watch Dan & Lena supersize their vibrating walker by making different kinds of "brush bots."

Want to make your own brush bot? You'll need the following materials:
1 Toothbrush
1 Motor (
1 3V Battery (
1 Battery case with on/off switch (
Diagonal cutters (or any other tool that can cut the toothbrush head from the handle) (
Non-conductive tape - we used Duct tape in this video, electrical tape works too!
Wire stripper (optional but highly recommended) (
Double-sided foam tape (optional) (

If you make your own (tooth)brush bot, share it with us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@TheRobotGarage)!
Or check out our Youtube page for more:

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