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WeDo Robotic Arm

3 - 5

1 Hour


Groups of 2

WeDo Robotic Arm
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WeDo Robotic Arm

Up, down, left, right – this robot arm can do it all. Students will build and program a robotic arm that functions using keys on their keyboard. By the end their robots will be able to grab an object, lift it up, then rotate and drop it in a new location.


To build this robot, students will learn a lot about gears and motors. Gear trains transfer energy from one motor to another point of motion, and gear ratios provide the strength necessary to make the robot work. Using LEGO WeDo® software, students will program this dual-motor robot to perform different functions. Our instructors will guide students how to think through the necessary steps to write a working program. WeDo® is a graphical drag-and-drop programming language that provides a simple, age-appropriate introduction to the fundamentals of coding.

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