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Using LEGO in Elementary Schools

What is LEGO?

LEGO bricks are a line of plastic construction toys. Founded in 1932, the LEGO Group has been passed down from generation to generation. The LEGO brick has come a long way over almost 90 years and continues to be as popular as ever.

So, what makes LEGO bricks remain popular across the globe? The benefits of using LEGO bricks include development for children and numerous education purposes. The toys bring people together, teach new skills, and unlock creativity—the history of the LEGO brick lives up to its hype.

Why LEGO Bricks Are Great for Teaching

LEGO bricks allow you to create just about anything. Expanding their use and bringing the magic of LEGO bricks to the classroom allows teachers to create lesson plans for several subjects! From math to reading, LEGO bricks help teachers explain a subject to students by allowing them to visualize the problem simultaneously.

The benefits of LEGO bricks in the classroom continue to be a success, and the uses continue to grow every day. As a result, teachers can be more creative with their lessons and cater to the different learning types of their students.

Benefits of LEGO in the Classroom

  • Fine motor skills

  • Creativity

  • Problem-solving

  • Cooperative play

  • Patience

  • Accomplishment

LEGO Promotes Fine Motor Skills in School

LEGO bricks are perfect for manipulating children’s fingers as they build and pick up the pieces. In addition, building up the muscles in their hands allows them to develop other skills. For example, improving their grasp on a LEGO brick also improves their ability to properly grasp a pencil.

LEGO bricks help with hand-eye coordination, a skill that translates throughout most of our lives. Helping to create and grow a student’s fine motor skills is one of the most significant benefits of LEGO.

LEGO Brings Out Creativity in the Classroom

A student’s imagination has no limit. Another benefit of LEGO is that it allows students to create anything they can think up by becoming creators, builders, and dreamers. With wheels, shapes, and LEGO people as options, they can build an entire village, cars, and so much more.

Creativity helps students express themselves and allows them to think in different ways while bringing their visions to life. Teachers create lesson plans that bring out their students’ creativity and help them learn new topics and thrive in the classroom.

LEGO Promotes Problem Solving in School

When a student builds something using LEGO bricks, they are using problem-solving skills. A trial-and-error method is used when building, making sure the bricks fit within each other. This helps a student execute an idea while organizing their thoughts to bring it to life. LEGO allows a student to try various methods until they complete the task.

LEGO Helps Students Work Together

LEGO bricks help students work together to bring their ideas to life. Teamwork is an essential skill children need to thrive on a day-to-day basis. Like LEGO, each brick cannot connect to any other piece without help; they all work together. Working with others to execute an idea is not always an easy task, but LEGO makes it fun!

For example, a student working with one other student usually avoids friction. However, a student working with ten children can be challenging. Therefore, learning to follow the rules and complete a task while working together is beneficial to a child’s development.

LEGO Teaches Patience in the Classroom

One of the most significant benefits of using LEGO bricks in the classroom is the patience it creates. At the same time, students can get frustrated while focusing on their goal to complete their masterpiece. LEGO bricks are intricate, small, and take time and energy to put together. A child could spend hours creating the perfect LEGO masterpiece while learning patience in the process.

So why is patience a necessary classroom skill? Whether waiting their turn to share ideas with a team or listening to the teacher, patience translates throughout their entire day.

LEGO Offers a Sense of Accomplishment

Students may spend hours or even days using their LEGO bricks and creating a work of art. Did the entire class participate? A few groups of students? The finished product is something every student will be proud of.

This sense of accomplishment is another benefit of LEGO. It helps to boost a student’s self-confidence while reminding them they can do anything they put their mind to. In addition, a student will take that feeling of accomplishment from class to class, helping them overcome obstacles throughout their day!

Where to Buy the Best LEGO sets for the Classroom

Yes, you can purchase LEGO bricks from almost anywhere these days, whether in-store or online. But did you know that LEGO sells specific LEGO